Meet the 2019 Class of 5280 Fellows

The 5280 Fellowship is a 9-month professional development and spiritual formation program helping Christian professionals serve God, neighbor, and society through their work. Each May, we accept our next Fall class of Fellows. After our opening retreat in September, these Fellows will meet regularly in smaller discussion cohorts through our host churches for the 2019 class – Park Church, New Denver Church, and Colorado Community Church. Continue reading Meet the 2019 Class of 5280 Fellows

6 Benefits of the 5280 Fellowship

The 5280 Fellowship is a 9-month spiritual and professional development program for emerging leaders in Denver. Fellowship alumni shared a variety of ways they’ve been stretched, challenged, and encouraged through their participation in the program as part of their evaluation of the program. Some see their work in a new light–as an area that God has given them to cultivate and create. Others enjoy the community and relationships formed during the Fellowship. And many Fellows appreciate the spiritual development and formation that accompanies the corporate and civic discussions.

Here are six key benefits of the 5280 Fellowship that are woven throughout the readings, discussions, and events. If you’re curious about any of these, join us at an upcoming info session or apply now for the  2019–2020 class of fellows.

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“God is Excited About Your Work”

Kelly Leadbetter is a 5280 Fellow in the 2017-2018 session and works as an urban planner with Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, a consulting firm that specializes in city transportation and infrastructure projects.

She spoke with Denver Institute Executive Director Jeff Haanen about her experience in the 5280 Fellowship and the program’s impact on her personal faith and daily work.

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“It Is Good”

A reflection one month into the 5280 Fellowship

I am currently going through the nine-month 5280 Fellowship, studying the intersection of work and faith.

I think a lot of people, including myself, struggle with the question of what intrinsic value our work brings to the world. As a sales professional, how can I be of value outside of just strictly driving profits to the bottom line? Is our work goal simply to make a bunch of money so we can retire and travel the globe?

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