Announcing the 2020 Class of 5280 Fellows

The 5280 Fellowship is a 9-month professional development and spiritual formation program helping Christian professionals serve God, neighbor, and society through their work. Each May, we accept our next Fall class of Fellows. After our opening retreat in September, these Fellows will meet regularly in smaller discussion cohorts through our host churches.

Below are the 25 Fellows who will learn, discuss, and grow together.

A Fellow Tackles the Risks of Social Media

For all its redemptive potential, we often hear about technology’s darker sides: a retail company loses customer credit card information; a popular social media platform sells user data to advertisers; and a search engine skims private emails to deliver relevant ads. Making matters worse, the apps on our smartphones seem to command our attention rather than create meaningful connections between people. The negative impact of social media and smartphone technology wasn’t lost on Joel Hughes, a 5280 Fellowship alum. “I couldn’t ignore the fact that people’s smartphones were beginning to take over their lives in ways that weren’t always good,” Joel shared recently.

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