Applicant Criteria

The 5280 Fellowship is best fit for early- to mid-career Christians who:

  • Are employed full-time in the Denver or Boulder metro areas;
  • Have at least three years of post-college career experience (5-7 years of industry experience after high school);
  • Are oriented toward learning and personal growth;
  • Are serious about integrating their faith with their career and cultural influence;
  • Have current or future opportunities to serve coworkers and/or shape their organizations;
  • Can make the time required for life change; and
  • Are actively engaged in a local church.

Approximately 24 Fellows will be admitted overall, divided into 3 discussion cohorts, depending on class size. We hope to assemble the best class possible that includes:

  • a balance of men and women;
  • a broad range of professions;
  • varying levels of organizational leadership and responsibility, but with a shared vision for service and influence; and
  • diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Past Fellows have come from business, law, education, health care, the arts, finance, government, mental health, technology, design, and non-profit.

The selection committee will offer admission based on:

  • Demonstration of a genuine Christian faith;
  • Ability to contribute to a diverse cohort from a variety of professional and ethnic backgrounds;
  • A current or future opportunity for influence or leadership within their organization; and
  • Demonstration of a humble, teachable heart and an ability to form meaningful relationships with other Fellows.

In addition to the criteria described above, please review the Commitment to the program for the proscribed nine-month period, including the schedule and key dates of Fellowship activities. Get answers to common questions in the FAQ section.

Preparing Your Application

Applicants must also provide two references; these will be sent to you upon completion of your application. Please note that the 2023–2024 application may require new or different information if you have completed earlier applications. If you have previously applied to the 5280 Fellowship, contact Brian Gray to inquire about any application differences or supplements.