How do I apply?
Applications will be accepted March 1-May 1. Please allow time after the submission of your online application for two references to complete a separate online form; you will receive directions about references via email once your online application is processed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

What are the benefits of doing the 5280 Fellowship?
Fellows will gain:

  • A first-hand introduction to the city’s best leaders across sectors and the chance to develop highly active, lasting networks among peers
  • The opportunity to engage history’s best voices on theology, work, and culture
  • An intensive experience of community, spiritual formation, and public engagement
  • A vision for caring for the poor and marginalized through their vocational endeavors
  • An opportunity to re-energize their careers and discover new opportunities through an expanding network of peers and leaders in the Denver metro area
  • The chance to partner with employers and leaders to address tough problems in their organizations, communities, and professions through the 5280 Fellows project
  • A deep understanding of how Scripture, the historic church, and the gospel influence their work and cultural engagement
  • A sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s call in their lives and work, a proclivity toward humble obedience, and a knowledge of their areas of sin
  • A deeper understanding of the civic fabric of Colorado through engaging with leaders across a wide array of disciplines
  • A deeper love for and commitment to the local church

What types of people will be selected for the 5280 Fellowship?
The selection committee will review applications and offer admission based on:

  • A genuine Christian faith and commitment to a local church
  • Ability to contribute to a diverse cohort from a variety of professional and ethnic backgrounds
  • Demonstration of a humble, teachable heart and an ability to form meaningful relationships with other Fellows
  • Commitment to the program for the proscribed nine-month period

When will I know if I’m accepted?
All applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial by Friday, June 16.

When is tuition due?
Tuition of $3,400 covers all program expenses, including reading materials, leadership assignments, and room and board at weekend retreats. A non-refundable $500 tuition deposit is due July 10 at the time of invitation acceptances. The balance or first payment installment is due September 1. (Tuition payment plans will be considered if requested.) Fellows will receive additional information after acceptance with specific payment instructions; tuition balances will be adjusted based on awarded scholarships (see below).

Are scholarships available?
A limited number of partial scholarships are available, thanks to generous donors. Scholarships will be given based on financial need, with priority given to candidates working in the nonprofit, small business or social sectors. Applicants may indicate on the online application that they would like to be considered for a scholarship.

Additionally, applicants who need support to cover tuition costs are encouraged to:

  • Raise money through their local church or family and social networks using a crowdfunding site like Giving Zone.
  • You may also review this letter from Brian Gray, 5280 Fellowship director, for additional information on fundraising.
  • Seek professional development monies for one portion of our executive coaching experience – an EQi Emotional Intelligence assessment. DIFW can invoice employers for all or a portion of the $495 cost associated with the EQi process. The EQi is a well respected, areligious tool that is commonly used within management and C-suite professional coaching scenarios.

Where will weekly cohort meetings, Saturday sessions, and weekend retreats take place?
Each Fellow will be assigned to a church-based cohort that will meet twice a month at the church’s location. Each of the six Saturday sessions will be held in the Denver metro area and the three retreats will be at property within a 2 1/2 hour drive of Denver.

What is the age requirement for the program?
There are no specific age ranges for the program, however all applicants must have at least two years of post-college work experience. The Fellowship may be the most beneficial for those in the early stages of their career. Most Fellows (but not all) have been in their late 20s-early 40s.

Is this a residential program?
No, housing is not provided for Fellows. Applicants should be working full-time in the metro Denver area before applying.

Who leads the weekly Fellows sessions?
A pastor or faith & work practitioner leads the weekly discussions in the church-based cohort to which each Fellow is assigned. Fellows are expected to read each assigned excerpt before the cohort meeting and contribute to the conversation and well-being of other Fellows in the group.

Can I get academic credit for completing the 5280 Fellowship?
Not currently.

What are the Fellowship’s graduation requirements?
Fellows must meet the following guidelines to receive graduation certificates upon completion. Fellows must:

  • Obtain approval from their cohort leader
  • Participate in the retreats and Saturday sessions (no more than one absence allowed)
  • Participate in at least four “Community & Culture” gatherings with City Leaders in Denver
  • Faithfully attend weekly cohort reading discussions
  • Plan, execute, and present their 5280 Fellows project at the final retreat
  • Pay tuition in full

Can you help me find a job?
No. Denver Institute for Faith & Work does not provide job placement services. The 5280 Fellowship is specifically designed for full-time professionals.

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