6 Benefits of the 5280 Fellowship

The 5280 Fellowship is a 9-month spiritual and professional development program for emerging leaders in Denver. Within that framework, current participants and Fellowship alumni shared a wide array of ways they’ve been stretched, challenged, and encouraged through their participation in the program. Some see their work in a new light, as an area that God has given them to cultivate and create. Others appreciate the community and relationships formed during the Fellowship. And many Fellows appreciate the spiritual development and formation that accompanies the corporate and civic discussions.

As we wrap up our second class of the 5280 Fellowship, here are six key components woven throughout the readings, discussions, and events that we hope all of our participants takeaway from their time in the 5280 Fellowship.

  1. A broader theology

    Christians sometimes fail to see their work as a calling, as a space where God is forming and shaping. But studying the role of work from Scripture, we see work as a means to human flourishing and a reflection of God as Creator. Work is not just something we do, but something God has designed for us.


  2. Cultural discernment

    What are the ways that God is working in the culture around us? How is He calling us to be cultivators and creators of culture? How do we bridge the secular and sacred divide to see everything as part of God’s domain? We expect our 5280 Fellows to be change-makers in their spheres of influence, and that starts with an understanding of culture.


  3. Professional development

    The 5280 Fellowship is designed for early to mid-career professionals and includes a professional project component designed to enhance participants skills and push them closer to their next career goals. Fellows benefit from feedback and coaching from peers and Fellowship staff. Take a look at a few of the past professional projects our Fellows have completed.

  4. Personal formation

    While professional development, cultural engagement, and theological discussions are important, we also want to shape our Fellows as individuals. This includes structured times of reflection, exercises in emotional intelligence, and monthly spiritual disciplines we practice.

  5. New friendships

    Christians often report a sense of isolation from other believers in their day-to-day work. The 5280 Fellowship is foremost a community initiative that connects emerging leaders from across churches and industries in Denver.

  6. Deeper cultural engagement

    We believe that God calls each of to cultivate the spaces around us. For the Fellowship, this includes learning from civic and community leaders who serve as Senior Leaders during the program.

Applications for the 2018–19 class of the 5280 Fellowship are open now through April 30. Apply now!