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As adult learners, Fellows come to the program with pressing questions, and the Fellowship experience is meant to answer the particular needs of each Fellow through open discussion formats, individualized learning plans, and highly interactive sessions. The curriculum for the 5280 Fellowship includes a combination of readings, conversations with senior leaders, lectures, spiritual formation activities, and professional development exercises.

John Calvin said in his opening line of The Institutes, “Our wisdom, insofar as it ought to be deemed true and solid wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves.” With this philosophy, we believe that meaningful involvement in culture as people of Christian faith must begin with a deeper understanding of the biblical story and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Photo: Michael Lindsay (left), president of Gordon College, and Jeff Haanen of Denver Institute speak with Fellows during a weekend retreat.

Jeff Haanen, Michael Lindsay at retreat

Curriculum Overview

Get a sense for the reading and activity assignments on the Curriculum Preview page.


Common Questions

Who presents in the program?

What might a week of the fellowship experience look like for me?

Do I get academic credit for completing the Fellowship?

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