A Day In The Life

What’s it like to be a 5280 Fellow?

It’s tough to explain a dynamic experience that involves personal work, group discussion, and interaction with city leaders. So we asked our executive director Jeff Haanen to imagine what a week in the life of a Fellow could look like. Below are the assigned readings and related sample journal entries that you might be writing during your time as a Fellow.

Week #9, “Culture: What We Love”


Sample Journal Entry:

This week I met Karla Nugent, a Denver business leader. Incredible woman. Shares her faith with other executives, cares for employees, and has created an employment program that trains men coming out of poverty (Denver Rescue Mission, Stout Street) to become electricians. “You changed my son’s life,” a mother of one of her employees said. Note: business done right can change lives. 

We also met at Fellowship Denver to discuss culture. New ideas about culture for me. Culture formed not only by what we think, but by what we love. What does my company love? What do I love? What would it mean to really love God?

Deepening friendship with Sarah through my cohort. Share interest in hiking, blogging, and urban poverty. Has moving story overcoming hardship as a child. Broken home. We prayed together. 

Work is tough right now. I don’t really see why my boss is driving us so hard. Have begun to offer my relationship with him — and this last client — to God in prayer. Been exploring more with meditation on Scripture from Celebration of Discipline by Foster. Praying for peace, wisdom — deeper sense of God’s call.

Week #20, “Theological Foundations for Calling”


  • Participate in the second weekend retreat — in the mountains!
  • Read Fabric of This World by Lee Hardy, pg. 44-67 (1990) and The Call by Os Guinness, pp. 27-53 (1998).
  • Finish up 360 degree interview assignment and fill out the Action Plan guide to start my personal formation project

Sample Journal Entry:

Great month of rest — no meetings since mid-December. I so needed it, but ready to see folks again.

Read about calling. Os Guinness clarified some ideas on calling. Not just “my calling and career,” but first a call to serve God with all of my life. “Come follow me.”  

Retreat in Breckenridge. So fun. Great food, snowshoed with Bethany and Mark from the Cherry Creek cohort. Heard Michael Lindsay, president of Gordon College, share about culture. Note: Read Faith in the Halls of Power. Prof. Brian Gray challenged us on hearing God’s call first, only second picking the right job (or third!) Dayna Matthew, CU Boulder Prof, challenged us to see racial inequality in the health care system.

360 interviews were eye-opening. I asked Ted (my boss), Dave (boyfriend), Sarah, and Shane (co-worker) about my strengths and areas for improvement. Had no idea I was so aggressive with “my agenda” at work. Just thought I was being efficient. Also, need to work on listening before I act. Note: Integrate this into personal formation project. 

For 5280 Fellows project, decided to try and launch a program in HR to help new employees with work/life balance. Huge need. Will have to run it by Jill and Ryan at Fellowship Denver to hear what they think. 

To pray for: humility with others, space for rest, identity first in Christ, not talent, work, job or even Dave. Really looking forward to upcoming topics in February/March: The Brokenness of Work; Women, Work & Calling (Kate Harris).