Meet the 2019 Class of 5280 Fellows

The 5280 Fellowship is a 9-month professional development and spiritual formation program helping Christian professionals serve God, neighbor, and society through their work. Each May, we accept our next Fall class of Fellows. After our opening retreat in September, these Fellows will meet regularly in smaller discussion cohorts through our host churches for the 2019 class – Park Church, New Denver Church, and Colorado Community Church.

What have they gotten themselves into? Imagine the overlap of four familiar environments:

  • A relationally tight-knit small group from church
  • A seminary class on work, calling, and cultural engagement
  • A coaching experience with self-reflection and intentional development projects
  • A short-term mission trip where you never leave home and work

The overlap of those worlds feels a bit like the 5280 Fellowship experience. Below are the 23 Fellows who will learn, discuss, and grow together.

Britta Apple, English Teacher

Elizabeth Austin, Attorney

Mark Austin, Construction Management

Alan Chan, Corporate Attorney

Chad Duncan, Software Sales Representative


Olivia Duncan, Development Associate

Mindy Fehsenfeld, Clinical Nutrition Manager

Christine Foster, Project Manager in Sales

Don Gates, Associate Regional Representative

Allison Hedien, Nurse Practitioner

Nick Hoffmann, Global Director of Client Education

Matthew Langford, Musician

Cynthia Lopez, Executive Program Assistant

Katie Mathis, Retreat Coordinator & Play Therapist

Ruba Nasrallah, Attorney

Jeremiah Prummer, Director of Web Development

Meagan Smith, Knowledge Management Specialist

Stacey Squatrito, Accounting Advisory Manager

Kayla Sterner, National Director of Promotions

Madeleine Voge, Head of Content

Paul Voge, Business Associate

Ivo Yueh, IT Director

Jason Zachary, Corporate Attorney